The Company’s Board of Directors (‘the Board’) is the guardian of fairness, transparency and accountability and provides appropriate directions with regard to leadership, vision, strategy, policies, monitoring, supervision, accountability to shareholders and to achieve greater levels of performance on a sustained basis as well as adherence to the best practices of Corporate Governance.


Mr. Mohit Khadaria - Managing Director

Mr. Mohit Khadaria, aged about 31 years is a Managing Director and one of the promoters of the Company, by profession Mr. Khadaria is an Electrical Engineer. He has done his graduation from Pennsylvania State University, USA and he also holds a degree of Masters in Electrical Engineering through the combined degree program offered by the Schreyers Honor’s College.
After seven years in the United States, Mr. Khadaria returned to India to see his passion grow and develop amongst the boundless potential the Indian market has to offer. As an automation market, India is still maturing but, the willingness of builders and designers incorporating such technologies is what drives Mohit to take this step. He is extremely passionate about technology and its applications to enhancement of human day-to- day life. His experience with Lutron Electronics ( as an Embedded Software Engineer has allowed him to pursue that passion in creating cutting edge products in Residential and Commercial Lighting Automation.
Working with the local Lutron team in India has also given Mohit an acute understanding of the automation market in India and geared him up to take the required steps to expand this budding industry to new heights. While his tenure at Lutron, Mohit personally held training in Shanghai for the sales and technical staff and worked closely with the India team as well to understand the needs of the Indian market.

Mr. Krishan Khadaria - Non Executive Director

Mr. Krishan Khadaria, aged about 57 years is a founder and one of the main promoters of the Company, by profession Mr. Khadaria is a Chartered Accountant. Mr. Khadaria is also a Law graduate. He is having rich experience of more than 25 years in the field of auditing, taxation, business and corporate legal and financial consultant, loan and lease syndication, capital market operations etc.
In such a short span, Mr. Khadaria gained high reputation and professional growth and niche in multi operational fields such as production of regional movies, publication of trade magazines etc.
Also, a sense of giving back to the society has donated a prime property in Mumbai for operation and management of a Non-Profit Chartered Accountancy Girls Hostel in order to provide a safe and suitable learning environment for students who cannot afford expensive alternatives to come and study in the financial capital of India.

Mrs. Asha Khadaria - Director

Mrs. Asha Khadaria, aged about 54 years is a Director and one of the promoters of the Company. She holds Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Since inception she was associated with us and she has a rich and diverse experience of over 25 years. She also has years of experience in the field of Investment activities. Apart from Mystic Electronics Limited she is also associated with other companies. She being a director on the Board of Mystic Electronics Limited, completing the composition of board of directors of the Company as per applicable rules and regulations. She is strength in herself and is empowering women as a whole. She is taking initiation for women empowerment in corporate sector.

Mr. Manoj Bhatia - Non Executive Independent Director

Mr. Manoj Bhatia, aged about 50 years is serving as one of the Non-Executive Independent Directors on the Board of the Company. Mr. Bhatia is having more than 30 years of experience in the field of finance, audit and Taxation. Since inception he is associated with us. Being a financial expert, he plays crucial role in the financial decisions of the company. Mr. Bhatia is serving as a Chairman of Audit Committee & Stakeholders relationship Committee and membership of Nomination Remuneration Committee of the Company.

Mr. Tarun Keram - Non Executive Independent Director

Mr. Keram, aged about 39 years is serving as an Independent Director of the company. He is a Bachelor of Commerce. He has more than Ten years of experience in steering core activities of Distribution & Production. Apart from serving as a Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee he is also a member of Audit Committee and Stakeholders Relationship committee of the Company.

Mrs. Nirali Thingalaya - Non Executive Independent Director

Mrs. Niraali Thingalaya 40, has Master’s Degree in Commerce, is serving as one of the Non-Executive Independent Directors on the Board of the Company. She has been appointed on the board of the Company effective from 30th May, 2018 as Non-Executive Director. She is having experience of 10 years in the Film and Media Industry. Likewise she has 5 years’ experience as an Assistant Editor in a Regional Magazine. Being Masters in Commerce she has good knowledge of finance sector.

Mr. Rajesh Agarwal- Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Agrawal aged 50, is a Chief Financial Officer of the Company. He has Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Mumbai University. He has been appointed as CFO of the Company effective from 17th November, 2014. Mr. Agrawal is having more than 23 years of experience in the field of finance, taxation, management consultancy and audit. He is working with Mr. Krishan Khadaria from more than 2 decades.